Product Shipping Policy

Product Shipping Policy

Why is the interest in shipping medicines a priority for PharmaConnect?

The strategy and speed of shipment of medicines and other products affect pharmacists' decisions in proportions that cannot be ignored.
That is why Pharma Connect has been interested in studying the pharmaceutical market in this aspect and has developed a strategy that facilitates the free shipping process for pharmacists, as it focused on the following points:
1 - Shipping standards.
2- The Shipping speed.
3 - Shipping protocols.
4 - Continuous development in shipping logistics that meets the requirements of pharmacists and the special conditions for shipping and distributing medicines, especially medicines that are shipped under certain conditions of a specific temperature and humidity.

Shipping Standards:

The standards for shipping medicines differ widely from other products, and that is why Pharma Connect always strives to provide the best conditions for good, safe and fast shipment of pharmacists’ orders, as it has developed plans and processes to reach the highest quality, safer and faster, for example, to limit delivery and receipt protocols, stacking and the appropriate temperature For some medicines, the company is also keen on continuous monitoring of trucks in order to ensure the continuity of good shipping standards

Shipping speed:

The pharmacist attaches great importance to the speed of shipment of medicines, and this point may affect his decisions and evaluation of the company he deals with. Therefore, Pharma Connect has attached importance to this aspect and has developed a strategy to reach the speed of shipment that meets the requirements of its customers from pharmacists without harming other aspects of standards and conditions (temperature - safety Medicines....)

Shipping and delivery protocols: One of the company’s interests is to provide high quality shipping and delivery conditions, and for this, it has trained its employees on shipping and delivery protocols, through which it ensures professional shipping and good and courteous delivery.​

Continuous Improvement :

The company seeks to continuously develop its services through the continuous training of its employees and responding to the requests and opinions of pharmacists

Shipping types

The science of supply management has developed greatly in previous years.
This resulted in new strategies provided by freight workers to overcome distances and difficulties.

Same day delivery:
Same-day delivery is one of the challenges that Pharma Connect seeks to break by developing strategies and logistics that allow winning the bet.

The service available at the moment is the possibility of delivery on the same day for pharmacists who are less than 200 km from the company’s headquarters
As for pharmacists between 200 km and 400 km, shipments are made on the same day in the following cases:

The order must be registered during the night period between five in the evening and seven in the morning

Next day delivery:

All orders registered in the morning or evening period before five o’clock are shipped and delivered the next day to pharmacists who are more than 200 km away from the company’s headquarters, and this achievement is one of the best available.

How to calculate shipping costs?

Shipping of medicines is free of charge to all pharmacists without exception in normal cases.
Pharma Connect also established the possibility of urgent shipment to pharmacists in an amount to be agreed upon before resuming the shipping protocols, in order to avoid any misunderstanding and maintain the pharmacists’ satisfaction

Basics of packaging medicines and other products:

PharmaConnect seeks the best way to package medicines and for this reason specific steps have been put in place for that:

1 – Packaging: It is in cardboard boxes organized and colored according to the type of medicines (special medicines such as: pressure medicines and others) and ordinary cardboard boxes for medicines of wide use.
2 – Packing: Medicine boxes are packed in a thoughtful way that ensures the safety of medicines from breakage or damage